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Backups / Disaster Recovery

Disaster plans are vital to prepare for the worst. Since you can’t plan for disasters, many don’t focus on plans that help keep their business running, even in the midst of trouble. Disasters can come at any time and don’t always show up as the obvious natural disaster. Other disasters can include the theft of private hardware from the office or confidential information. Waiting to react until after they occur, can leave your business in chaos. Our team can help you be proactive to make sure your business combats disasters with as little downtime as possible. Through a variety of procedures like regular testing of your back-up servers, a strong written business continuity plan, strong backup programs and monitoring, we can help keep your company operating even when disasters hit.

Disaster Planning Services - Our team provides you with a strong disaster plan that will help combat downtime for your business:

  • Written documentation and creation of a business continuity plan
  • Secure and replicated backup servers in real-time
  • Virtual server infrastructure
  • Quick recovery hosting