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Cloud Servers, Hosting & Private Cloud

When important business files are needed, there is no time to spare. In the business world, a quick reaction response is vital and the access and sharing capability of secure files is of utmost importance. This requires businesses to have a safe and reliable system in place. As clients, whether using a personal server or private cloud to protect and share precious data, you need to have the assurance that you will always be able to reach the files you need quickly. OmniSpear, Inc. has a number of solutions to help ensure you have the tools in place whether utilizing solid cloud servers, hosted solutions or private cloud. Our team is specialized in migrating your system to a cloud computing platform that makes sense for your business. We provide a customized service that allows your business the ability to access files from anywhere and at any time.

Our cloud servers and cloud hosting services include:

  • Consultation - In order to create a plan that works best for you, we sit down with your business and show you the options available with cloud systems. This allows you to decide what works best in your environment , whether migrating data to another sever or joining a new hosted service altogether.
  • Data migration services - We are skilled in data migration and can securely move your data to a server and provide you the information on cloud services that allow you remote access to files and folders.
  • Security assessments - Data security is not something we take lightly. We provide clients with full security assessments to figure out how safe your data is and what improvements for security need to be made. Protecting your data is key and we strive to make that our focus.
  • Server support - We provide hosting and support for a variety of servers including Document Management Systems, Microsoft Active Directory, SQL, Sharepoint, Web, Quickbooks, Database, and Exchange.

Office 365 & Google for Work

Our team has years of successful Office 365 and Google Apps migrations under our belt, and extensive training in these programs. With the benefits of Office 365 and Google for Work, our team has focused on proper migration and utilization to improve your business’s productivity. These services allow you to work from any location and collaborate with colleagues around the world and our team can help you choose which is right for you.

Office 365 & Google Apps Increase Efficiency - We provide several support services for Office 365 & Google Apps, including the following:

  • Training your business on a new platform - Our team will get you trained and ready for action with minimal downtime.
  • Support - We provide full support for clients. We have experts available to help resolve any problems.
  • Choosing the right service - We help you choose the program that’s right for you.

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